Reusable Produce Bags For Eco-Friendly Shopping

Our world is facing an environmental catastrophe right now, and plastic bags and wastes are the primary culprits.

In different parts of the globe, tons and tons of plastic wastes are being disposed of every minute. And sadly, only 9% is recycled, and the remaining goes to landfills. How can we decrease such massive numbers of plastic bag disposal? Well, opting for reusable produce bags is a great place to start.

Bouquet of field daisies in reusable produce bag

What are reusable produce bags made of?

Using reusable produce bags instead of plastic doesn’t make your action eco-friendly. Not all of them are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Did you know that reusable produce bags can also be made of recycled plastic bottles (PET) and polyester? Bags made of these materials are not at all safe to store food in and at the same time harmful for your health as well as mother nature.

Natural fibers such as 100% organic cotton and jute are the best materials to make reusable produce bags. They are absolutely safe to store your food and are perfect for bulk food shopping as well!

Why should you use reusable produce bags made of natural fibers?

Produce bags are the next step in making your shopping more greener and sustainable. They are reusable, cloth-made bags that can replace those cheap plastic bags you find in the supermarket.

Ditch plastic bags, start using reusable produce bags

They are eco-friendly

    Every time you buy something from the grocery shop, you put them into those plastic bags that are available handy in the store. But, did you know that this creates a lot of waste? Just think how many plastic bags you get every week and how that adds up as the weeks and months pass by. That’s where reusable produce bags come into action.

    Unlike single-use plastic bags, reusable produce bags are eco-friendly. By using them, you reduce the waste you produce as an individual in a significant way. This means fewer plastics in our landfills and oceans.

    They are durable

      Reusable produce bags are made of strong material that does not easily break and therefore ideal for bulk shopping. They can hold up more weight when compared to a plastic carry bag or paper bag and also give you a better grip.

      They are washable

        Reusable produce bags tend to get dirty through constant use. But, there is no need to worry about this since these types of bags can be washed. You can machine wash, hand wash, or spot clean (if it is made of a dirt-resistant material) your reusable bag, and we bet that you will be getting fantastic results.

        They are cost-effective

          The natural materials used in making reusable produce bags are easy to get at a low price. And, reusing the bags several times will save your money from buying plastic bags every time you go shopping.

          Mesh bags - The best produce bags

          When it comes to produce bags, we recommend choosing cotton mesh bags. This is because they are eco-friendly, washable, and durable enough to use for years to come.

          Mesh bags made of cotton are versatile. You can use them for a variety of purposes other than shopping, such as storing medicine, toys, and many more.

          Cotton mesh bags are breathable. They can be dampened to keep veggies and fruits crisp so that they are likely to last longer than when it’s wrapped in an unbreathable plastic bag.

          The production of cotton bags uses less water, energy, as well as oil and has a lesser impact on air pollution.

          Overall, reusable produce bags are good enough and a worthy investment for anyone concerned about their well-being, as well as the environment.